For Retirees

Helping you navigate your retirement


“Do I have enough?”

“Am I missing something or have I prepared well?”


Retirement Questions

As you approach retirement age you may be asking these questions. Some clients find the uncertainty to be exciting. Others find it intimidating.

As Andy and Ben help clients get comfortable with these questions they often suggest other questions to explore. One particularly intriguing question for clients who have spent a lifetime conserving money and saving for retirement is:

“Am I ready to watch my accounts decrease in value as I distribute funds instead of accumulating funds?”

This is an important time in your financial life. We will provide a rational strategy designed to help reduce the risk and maximize the potential.


Three Unique Phases of Retirement:


Retirement Prep

Typically this is the five years before retirement when you are dreaming about what life will look like. This is a time to test drive retirement and explore passions such as traveling, returning to the classroom, visiting with your family or starting a new business!

  • Is your current mix of investments and strategies suitable?
  • Should you plan on Social Security and when should you begin?
  • What are your choices for managing healthcare costs?
  • Which accounts should you use first to withdraw money?



Retired and Loving It

The most exciting phase of retirement. You are maximizing your experiences and are actively engaged in your new lifestyle! At this point you will track your income and expenses to compare to your strategy. You will keep a portion of your assets in reliable strategies to balance the risk of enjoying today while preserving assets for tomorrow.



Late Retirement

During Late Retirement you may find yourself spending more time with family and seeing your life quiet down. You will want to organize your financial and medical documents and to revisit your legacy wishes. Changes can come rapidly now so it is important to review your situation regularly.

Each retirement phase comes with its own challenges and opportunities. One challenge that crosses all three stages is the tension between investments that are stable and investments that have potential to keep up with inflation.

This is a critical time in your financial life and we welcome the opportunity to meet with you. In a meeting, we will map your current financial situation to your short term and long term needs. If you are on track, congratulations, you will leave more confident you have addressed your needs. If you are not, he will suggest strategies help get you on track.

Helping you position your retirement income to meet your expenses, develop an effective approach to withdrawing cash as needed, optimize your Social Security strategy and prepare for your biggest expense—healthcare—are the key ways they work with retiree clients. We would enjoy exploring ways he can help you make the most of your retirement resources. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Investments will fluctuate and when redeemed may be worth more or less than originally invested.